Oral Surgery (referral)

Anxiety-Free Oral Surgery through [practice_name]

Oral Surgery in [city], [state]

Dr. [dr_fullname] is dedicated to providing the best care to patients who require oral surgery. We perform some surgeries in-house, and in cases that require more complex procedures, we will refer patients to a specialist. Having worked in [city], [city2], and [city3], [state] as well as the surrounding areas for many years, Dr. [dr_lastname] has established [practice_name] as a leader in solving oral health problems.

How Can Dr. [dr_lastname] Help?

Dr. [dr_lastname] and the entire staff at [practice_name] understand that dental procedures, especially dental surgery, can cause patients to become anxious. Other than anxiety some patients feel that their questions go unanswered but because we practice patient-centered care, all of our patients are treated like family. Our valued patients leave feeling confident that they’ve received the best possible oral surgery care, whether they receive it at our practice or with a specialist we recommend.

What Types Oral Surgery Services Does [practice_name] Offer?

Since [practice_start], we’ve been serving the communities of [city], [city2], and [city3] in [state]. We’re proud to have built lasting relationships with our community and look forward to building a great relationship with you. We provide the following oral surgery procedures in-house:

If you are in the area of [city], [city2], or [city3], [state] and would like to receive a consultation, please give us a call at [phone] or send us a quick email. We look forward to serving you.

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