Meet Dr. Greg Wright

About Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright grew up in Encinitas, and is happy to call San Diego home.  He lived outside of California for almost eight years while serving as a dentist and orthodontist in the US Army.  He moved back to San Diego in 2020 and feels fortunate to be treating smiles in the same area where he was raised.  He met his wife, Dr. Maria Wright, while in dental school, and they have two children, a new born and a three year old. 


Educational Training

Dr. Wright received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.  He went on to receive specialty training in orthodontics at the Tri-Service Orthodontic Residency Program in San Antonio, Texas while serving as a dental officer in the US Army.  After graduating from orthodontic residency, Dr. Wright served as an Army orthodontist in Vicenza, Italy, and was fortunate to treat both kids and adults while working closely with a pediatric dentist and oral surgeon.



Dr. Wright feels fortunate to be able to transform lives by providing beautiful smiles.  He is trained in using both aligners and traditional braces to move the teeth, along with orthopedic appliances to move the jaws.  He strives to treat the unique and specific concerns that prompt people to seek orthodontic treatment and works with patients to achieve the best results specific to their unique facial and dental structures. 

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