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Receiving endodontic treatment at [practice_name] is a simple and straightforward procedure that will relieve dental pain and save your teeth. During root canal treatment, Dr. [dr_lastname] will carefully remove the pulp inside of a tooth, clean, disinfect, and shape the root canal, and then place a filling to seal the space. It’s a simple procedure that will relieve tooth pain caused by infection. Here at [practice_name], we look forward to serving endodontic patients from [city], [city2], and [city3], [state], as well as the surrounding area. For more information about endodontic treatment, click here.

What Are the Symptoms of an Infected Tooth?

When the root of a tooth becomes badly infected, it causes extreme pain. You’ll notice the pain when you bite down or chew. You may also have a painful sensation when you drink hot or cold liquids, which can linger for a time. Some patients in need of endodontic treatment have small pimple-like bumps on their gums when they come in for their consultation. These are all common signs of a tooth with an infected root.

What Endodontic Procedures Does Dr. [dr_lastname] Provide?

Dr. [dr_lastname] has been trained and is proficient in addressing many root canal treatments such as:

How Can [practice_name] Help?

If you are near [city], [state] and would like a consultation to find out if endodontic treatment will help, please give us a call at [phone] or send us a quick email. We love serving our community and would be honored to serve you.

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